Young Professionals Network

2017 is going to be an amazing and exciting year for YPN. We have a lot of new ideas and goals for the upcoming year!

We really wanted to focus our activities around this year's theme of “Learn, Earn, and Give Back.” Starting with “Learn,” we are very excited to be bringing four quarterly Mastermind Series to Columbus REALTORS®. These series will consist of organizing a mixed panel of new and experienced successful REALTORS® and industry professionals. The panel will be talking about specific topics within the industry for each quarterly series.

The idea is to get insight from industry leaders and to share best practices to really help our young and up and coming agents. We feel this is key in developing future leaders within our Association as well as educating the young REALTORS® on what it takes to be successful.

We kicked off our first Mastermind Series on Thursday, March 23, 2017, with the featured topic, “The Shift and How to Run your Business Like a Business.”

Our next focus is to connect the “Earn” part by raising more money. YPN has given several scholarships over the past several years. We want to continue to raise money through our events to continue giving the scholarships and even add more.

We also want to increase our fundraising efforts for CORPAC. There is going to be a strong focus this year of getting more involvement from our YP’s to contribute to CORPAC. We have always helped raise money through the CORPAC auction, but we have our goals set high this year to find new ways to increase our giving to CORPAC.

Finally, the “Give Back” is a big focus this year as well. YPN is committed to volunteering and giving back to local charities on a quarterly basis. The goal is to coincide these volunteer opportunities with our happy hours, so we can give back to the community and then follow that up with networking together.
The overall goal is to contribute to this year’s theme for 2017, and to bring value to our Association and members. We have an amazing Association and we need to continue to develop our future leaders. Please come and join us at our monthly meetings (held the second Wednesday of each month, 10a at Columbus REALTORS®) to get involved and find out how you can “Learn, Earn, and Give Back!” Keep on Rockin' in the Free World!